Express Nail Cut £15 (Clinic only)

Simple nail cut and file by a fully qualifed Podiatrist (not thickened or ingrowing nails)



Routine Chiropody £27

Nail cut & file, reduction of thickened/fungal nails, ingrown toenail treatment, corn and hard skin removal, verrucae treatment & advice. Finished off with a relaxing application of foot cream, appropriate to your skin condition.



Diabetic Foot Check  £15 (regular patients - free)

If you have Diabetes, it is advisable to have a Diabetic Foot Check at least annually to detect any foot complications early.
I carry out a Doppler vascular test; an ultrasound assessment of the blood flow to your feet and also a neurological (sensation) test, both of which are totally painless. We then discuss the results and provide details to your GP.



Biomechanical Assessment £50 (inc follow up)  

Assessment of the lower limb and foot in order to diagnose and treat pain (heel pain, back pain, knee pain, Achilles tendon issues, flat feet, Plantar Fasciitis to name a few. This may result in the prescription of orthotics (insoles) which start at £35.

When needed referral can also be made to Fiona Sharp Physiotherapy (same building) to ensure a holistic approach to recovery.


Lacuna treatment for fungal nails £50 for 1 nail (add nails £10 each)

An initial assessment is required prior to this treatment.


This is a relatively pain free treatment which involves drilling multiple micro holes into the nail plate to enable an anti fungal spray to reach the fungal spores beneath.


Once the holes are drilled in the nail plate, daily application of Lamisil is required by the patient in order for the treatment to be successful.

A regular review appointment is recommended.




Lacuna Initial assessment £27

  • Assess suitability for treatment looking at medical history etc.
  • Assess nails for signs of fungal infection. 5 minute "in-clinic" test recommended at cost of £40 to provide immediate confirmation that fungus is present.
  • Prep nails for treatment.

Treatment appointment £50 for 1 nail (additional nails £10 each)

  • Micro holes are drilled into the nail plate (using specially designed Lacuna burrs) to enable the anti fungal spray (Lamisil) to penetrate the infection below.
  • First bottle of Lamisil included in price

Lacuna Review £27 (recommended every 6-8 weeks until infection resolved)

  • Check progress of treatment and condition of micro holes
  • Trim all nails and undertake any routine foot care required





Nursing/Residential Homes services also available.


This is not an exhaustive list of complaints please contact me if you have a problem which is not listed above and we can discuss

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